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cochlear implants

  • Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline

    Globally, hearing loss is the third leading contributor to years of life lived with disability and a major public health issue. Cognitive decline includes a number of progressive factors related to deteriorating cognitive abilities, an individual’s ability to function independently and without support, and a reduction in social relationships. View Post
  • Types of hearing loss

    Conductive hearing loss (CHL) results in a decrease in the transmission of sound from the outside world to the cochlea. The causes of CHL include abnormal formation of the external ears called the auricle or helix, impaction of cerumen (ear wax) in the ear canal, fluid collections in the middle ear, or dysfunction of middle ear bones that are inflexible usually due to scarring or fibrosis. View Post
  • AudioloG: Overall Ear Health

    After learning more about cochlear implants earlier this year and realizing that my mom's hearing isn't always the greatest, I was excited to try AudioloG from Life Sprout Bioceuticals™. View Post