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  • Hormone Balance For Women Over 50

    From the very moment we are conceived, until our final breath, ‘hormones’ play an integral part in our health and overall well-being. Each and every step of life is influenced by an ever-present cascade of hormones. Hormones have a direct regulatory impact on every cell, tissue, and organ of the ... View Post
  • Oxitang: Boosting Metabolism

    Published originally on blogger Jodie's Touch of Style  Instagram and Facebook pages with permission.I've been trying out Life Sprout's new product Oxitang. It's a metabolism booster made with Blackcurrant oil. It's made to accelerate the rate at which you burn calories and also helps in your ... View Post
  • Revivify: Boosting Your Immune System and Metabolism

    It's no surprise that I depend on supplements to help me daily. I've been very impressed with Life Sprout Bioceutical's supplements due to their natural approach yet affordable items. Yes, this is an ad, yet how else would you (and I) find out about these great products that aren't at my local store? View Post