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  • The Eyes Have It - The Surprising Benefits of Eye Exercises

    We all know that exercise is good for us, keeping our joints limber and our bones and muscles strong. However, have you ever considered exercising your eyes?

    With roots in traditional Chinese medicine, as well as yoga practices, the idea of eye exercises is not contemporary. In the West, eye exercises and their potential positive impact on eye health have become more popular in recent decades. The idea behind eye exercises is simple. Like the muscles in the rest of our body, the muscles in our eyes must be cared for to ensure optimal performance and prevent injury. The movement of the eyes within the orbit is controlled by 6 muscles. An additional muscle within the eye controls the thickness of the lens, allowing for vision accommodation (refracting light to varying degrees and allowing us to see things at different distances). In addition to being helpful in reducing eye fatigue and strain, it has been proposed that eye exercises may improve and prevent refractive errors that lead to nearsightedness.

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  • Summer Safety for Seniors

    Winter is long gone and it’s time to enjoy the sun. Keep in mind these tips on summer safety for seniors before you head outside.

    Summer is one of the best times of the year for seniors as they have less joint pain, a decreased risk of illness, and improved levels of vitamin D. However, a sunny day can quickly become problematic if you don’t prepare yourself for temperature and UV exposure. Let’s review the best summer safety tips for seniors.

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  • Protect Muscles and Increase Strength with Branched-Chain Amino Acids

    Imagine if, by the time you are ready for retirement, you had lost over 30% of your muscle mass. Your risk for slips, falls, and injuries have skyrocketed, and you’ll lose your independence soon after. What would you do? While it seems unreal, this scenario is all too common for many older adults... View Post
  • Modern Eye Health Issues

    Originally published on Health & Nature News Sight is the most important way we experience the world.  However, inflammation, oxidation, and age can have a huge impact on the way we see the world. Never has there been a time when eye health is more important than right now. A rise in industr... View Post
  • Exercising doesn’t have to be a pain in the glutes!

    Why a stronger back-side can help decrease your suffering. It’s no fun being in pain. It stops us from doing the things we love and from enjoying everyday life. More often than not we feel pain and think the solution will come from the same area the pain does. The truth is that this is not always... View Post