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  • New Product Launch: O-Mega

    If you don’t eat fish on a regular basis, or if you’ve been experiencing unexplained mood swings, lackluster hair and nails, as well as trouble sleeping and focusing, it may be time to look into boosting your levels of Omega-3 fatty acids.  View Post
  • 6 Ways Vitamin D Can Supercharge Your Health

    The reason vitamin D is so powerful is that most of us aren’t getting enough through our diet plan, as it’s found in so few foods. Your body can make vitamin D naturally if you’re exposed to natural sunlight for a longer period, however, this should be restricted due to the potential for skin cancer. View Post
  • New Product Launch: Invigora+ Containing Organic Turmeric

    If you’ve been feeling under the weather for a while, or are tired of using ibuprofen to soothe mild pain and inflammation, (which can cause nasty side effects if used long-term), then it may be time to seek out a more natural alternative. View Post
  • Zena: Helping With Life's Stressful Moments

    We all know that moving is one of those stressful events!! That's why I'm loving this Zena+ by Life Sprout Bioceuticals for this time in my life. If we aren't worried about how the kitties will do on our trip down to AZ, then we are figuring out the schedule for the movers to pick up our stuff and cars. It's certainly not easy.

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  • Buy a Bottle, Plant a Tree!

    Life Sprout Bioceuticals has proudly partnered with the National Forest Foundation (NFF), pledging to plant one tree for every bottle of supplements sold, for a maximum of 10,000 trees within the next year. The NFF will plant the trees in National Forests where they are most needed across the cou... View Post
  • Revivify: Boosting Your Immune System and Metabolism

    It's no surprise that I depend on supplements to help me daily. I've been very impressed with Life Sprout Bioceutical's supplements due to their natural approach yet affordable items. Yes, this is an ad, yet how else would you (and I) find out about these great products that aren't at my local store? View Post
  • The Benefits of Pumpkin Seed and Soy Extract for Bladder Health

    The health of your bladder can determine your quality of life from day to day. If you have an overactive bladder, activities that you once took for granted can become problematic. For example, you can’t go for a long walk without a bathroom nearby. If you suffer from nocturia or frequent nighttim... View Post
  • How Healthy Is Your Bladder?

    Bladder Health is often overlooked until we personally have a problem. But why wait until you suffer from things like bladder incontinence when you can start caring for your bladder today?The urinary system works to produce urine to get rid of waste and extra water. Sometimes though with age, die... View Post