Brett Melanson

Brett Melanson graduated from the University of Ottawa with two bachelor's degrees in 2015 (B.A. Psychology & Life Sciences, and B.Sc. Psychology) where he completed an Honor's thesis on sex-dependent developmental changes in the immune response. Since then, he continued to work as a Research Assistant in the Neuroimmunology, Stress and Endocrinology (NISE) laboratory at the University of Ottawa before beginning his doctorate studies at the University of Guelph where he is currently working towards a PhD. in Psychology + Neuroscience. He has authored and/or co-authored publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals that cover a variety of topics in the life sciences, including stress and inflammation, antidepressant drug efficacy, behavioral effects of hypoglycemia, and ketamine. Currently, he is investigating mechanisms that can possibly explain ketamine's antidepressant effect using rodent models and has complemented his passion for science by continuing to write technical reports and scientific op-eds about several topics within the life sciences.

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