Dr. Tara Michelle, ND

Dr. Tara Michelle, ND

A lover of our beautiful planet, the animals, and people Dr. Tara Michelle is a Natural Physician, Wellness Educator, and Wordsmith.

Tara holds a BS in Kinesiology, a Masters in Education, and a doctorate as a Naturopathic Physician. In addition Tara is a licensed Massage Therapist for both humans and animals. She leads wellness play-shops and retreats.

With a plethora of tools in her kit Dr. Michelle uses a holistic approach when collaborating with her clients which allows her to honor the diverse needs of each being.

Serving as a team member and consultant to numerous top US and International companies. (R&D, guest writing and ghost writing for websites, blogs magazines, and books.

A student of life, her interests include nutrition, yoga, ocean and mountain adventures, equestrian, reading, writing, meditation, and world peace.

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