Blackcurrants are synonymous with jams and teas, but when consumed as a concentrate, their incredible fat-burning properties from polyphenol nutrients encourage fat burning by maximizing blood flow.
One of our latest products, Oxitang, was formulated based on the solid research that blackcurrant concentrate can increase fat burning by an average of 27% and up to 55%. It can also help with a faster recovery after exercising, improving overall performance during a workout, boosting immunity, managing weight, and burning more fat after consumption (and for many hours later, especially when taken around physical activity).
Blackcurrant compounds help to reduce sugar crashes by controlling the release of insulin and reducing the absorption of sugar. They also reduce the effects of a high-fat/high-carb meal on your waistline, but that being said, we don’t condone overindulgent eating. 😉
Adding a few drops of Oxitang to your smoothie in the morning can boost your metabolism throughout the day, control the release of insulin (reducing sugar crashes) and burn more fat. We do recommend pairing Oxitang with physical activity for the maximum benefit. 💪