Lemon Peel

Lemons have been widely used as a digestive tonic due to their strong aromatic and slightly bitter taste. Not only are they rich in vitamin C and other essential vitamins and minerals, but the rind contains an extra bitter compound which activates the taste receptors. This influences the salivary glands and increases the flow of gastric and pancreatic juices, stimulating digestion. The citric acid found in the juice and rind can help prevent kidney stones, by increasing urine’s pH, as well as help to prevent anemia by increasing the absorption of iron in the gut.

Our own new and improved Digestion 360 contains lemon peel extract, along with many other ingredients and probiotics which helps with gut health. Add the zest or slices of lemon peel to savory dishes before cooking, such as chicken, roasted vegetables or grains for a lovely citrus flavor, extra nutrients and a boost for your digestive system.