Probiotics, more commonly referred to as “good bacteria,” help to support your digestion and overall health. They are found in a number of fermented foods, like natural Greek yogurt, Kefir, Kimchi (Korean fermented spicy cabbage), Sauerkraut (Geman fermented cabbage), Tempeh, Miso and Kombucha. Probiotics help to counteract the effects of bad, unhealthy bacteria found in our gut and boost our immune system. Factors such as eating an unhealthy diet rich in processed foods, not getting enough sleep, and using prescription antibiotics (which kill off both the bad and good bacteria), all have effects on our levels of good bacteria, causing them to dwindle.
Maintaining a sufficient level of probiotics is also very important as far as managing your bowel health. Those who suffer from IBS, constipation or diarrhea can benefit from including some probiotics in their diet plan. Probiotics also offer other key benefits including boosting brain health, enhancing memory and concentration, assisting with treating yeast infections, promoting better rates of weight loss, and even controlling cholesterol levels.
Probiotics are live bacteria so it’s important that you do find a high-quality product or you may wind up putting ineffective bacteria in your body (if they don’t survive the packaging and shelf life process). Our product Digestion Restoration 360 is also very beneficial to help with digestion issues (bloating, inflammation and discomfort) as it contains many natural extracts, minerals, vitamins and probiotics to maintain proper digestion and gut health.