Easy Winter Activities for Retirees

Easy Winter Activities for Retirees

It’s no coincidence: when winter sets in, most gym clothes start to collect dust. Thanks to the drop in temperature and the monthly holiday celebrations, this is when most people start to see an increase in weight gain.

These seasonal fluctuations in weight are especially problematic for older people because as you age, it becomes more difficult to manage your weight. What’s more, living a sedentary lifestyle during the colder months can worsen cardiovascular health and potentially create problems with cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart rate.

Don’t let yourself stay glued to the couch just because it’s cold outside. Here are some great activities that you can do during the winter to stay fit. This list includes both inside and outside activities that range from beginner to advanced fitness levels.

Chair Sitting and Standing 

This is an exercise that mimics the bodyweight squat and it’s great for the beginner and the experienced fitness enthusiast.

Take a sturdy chair, place it behind you, and practice slowly lowering yourself into a seated position. Challenge yourself not to stay seated too long though; you want to keep those legs active. If you have fitness experience, try holding water bottles to make it more intense.

Stair Stepping

Whether it’s the ones in your home or outside, stairs make for an excellent (and free) fitness tool that you can scale according to your fitness level. Beginners can practice climbing the first step and gently stepping back down at their own pace. Those with more experience can walk or jog an entire staircase, but be very careful on the descent as walking down stairs can be tough on your knees.

At-Home Workout

If you want to get started with a workout, but you don’t want to deal with driving to the gym or you’re not sure which exercises to do, we have the perfect at-home workout for you. Using regular household items such as water bottles and a broom, you can get in a safe and effective workout.

Walking in the Mall

Let’s say that you’re tired of being cooped up and want to get out and about. The mall is a great place to be active, avoid the cold, and socialize.

Aim for at least 30 minutes each day walking around the mall. More is better, but base it on your fitness experience level and how you’re feeling. Be sure to use the stairs, not the escalator, if you can.

Getting Bundled Up and Walking Outside

When winter sets in, it can be tempting to always stay in a comfy and cozy environment, but studies suggest that exposing yourself to brief periods of cold might do some good for boosting your immune response.

Consider embracing a short walk in the cold as long as the weather permits. Be sure to get bundled up beforehand.

Group Fitness Class

One of the best ways to get out of the house, burn calories, and make new friends is with a group fitness class. It’s a workout that you don’t have to think about since you’re being led by a qualified instructor.

Some of the best group fitness classes for retirees include yoga, Tai Chi, dancing, aqua-based cardio, and Silver Sneakers classes. Each of these classes can easily be adjusted to meet your experience level while gently pushing you outside of your comfort zone.

Which are Your Favorite Winter Activities for Retirees?

Do you perform any of these winter activities regularly? Have your own winter workouts or favorite ways to stay active when the cold arrives. Share them with us in the comments below.


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