Digestion Restoration 360: Feeling Great Again

Digestion Restoration 360: Feeling Great Again

Published originally on blogger Jodie's Touch of Style  Instagram and Facebook pages with permission.

While I wish I could get by just eating all the right things for me, I've learned that supplements are the key to keeping me healthy.

Yes, this is another ad for Life Sprout Bioceuticals™, especially because I love that their products do not have unneeded fillers.

I was surprised to know that probiotics aren't the only thing we need for our digestive health. While probiotics are great for the gut flora, this Digestion Restoration 360 helps with properly digesting food and bloating. And I'm sure we all have heard that our gut is our second brain. It affects so much of what we feel and do.

What makes this supplement work? There's more involved but the ginger root and L-Glutamine are part of its ingredients.

Since this was helping me so much, I had Rob take it too. And it's helped him tremendously. Have you heard all the studies about our gut lately? It's amazing.


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