Digestion 360 Keeps Gut Health In Balance

Originally posted on Katie William's Blog with permission.

Letʼs talk about gut health. Gut health is like the control center for everything else that goes on inside our bodies. When your gut becomes overpopulated with unhelpful organisms, the entire eco-system of your body is shifted out of balance. Without good gut health, we can have SO many other issues arise.

Iʼm not even going to sugar coat it — Iʼve had a lot of issues with digestion, no matter all that Iʼve tried. If youʼve been here awhile and have been following along, you know my journey through wellness and how far I have come. You also know that I research the HECK out of any products I bring into our home.

A lot I have incorporated into my wellness routine and diet has certainly helped but I knew that I was still needing more support. Enter in Life Sprout Bioceuticals™ Digestion 360 and hallelujah chorus sang! The most incredible digestive support, gluten-free, FDA and GMP certified lab and made in the USA. Yes, please!

“Occasional bloating or digestive issues are part of normal life when introducing new or heavy foods. Over time, the digestive tract can get irritated or inflamed, causing ongoing digestive discomfort. Digestion 360 is formulated for optimal gut health, to diminish bloating and irritation, and to regulate bowel movements.”

  • Contains magnesium which regulates bowel movements and alleviates constipation
  • Contains ginger root, which reduces nausea, as well as bitter artichoke and lemon, which stimulates the liver and gastric secretions to better break down food
  • Contains L-Glutamine, which helps to repair the gut after irritation

Iʼll be quite frank, because why not? I have never been this regular in my life. My skin has also been clearer and I have had less bloating. Gut health you guys, itʼs all about gut health!

Use the following link or code KATIE at checkout to receive 15% off all bottles of Digestion 360!



Katie Williams has been sharing her life through the blogging world for a decade now. She has a huge passion for photography and design and is a huge wellness advocate. She loves sharing her tips & tricks for maneuvering this ever-changing world, the most healthy way possible.
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