Don’t Hit Pause on Your Sex Life

Don’t Hit Pause on Your Sex Life

Sex is a natural part of life, even in our later years. Many women however, seem to believe, erroneously so, that menopause is synonymous with an end to a healthy and vital sexual life. Not so.


Older and freer

Many women actually report having better sex during menopause and beyond because they no longer need to worry about pregnancy. Gone are the days of counting cycles. Anytime during the month can be the right time to be intimate with your partner. Middle-aged women also tend to have more free time and some even claim to have more energy. Generally, this is due to no longer having kids to tend to, ultimately leaving them with more “me” time, so to speak.


Changes that could have an adverse effect on your sex life

Many things can negatively impact you at this time in your life. Becoming an empty nester, for example, could leave you with feelings of sadness, and even depression. Being in this state is not exactly conducive to intimacy. Many women also find themselves of transition at this time in their lives. Some go through divorces, career changes, and even caring for aging parents. This can all be magnified by the hormonal imbalances that take place at this time. Low estrogen is often to blame.


What you can do

It’s important to stay sexually active to help keep vaginal dryness at bay. The old adage rings true, “if you don’t use it, you lose it”. Finding balance in all things, be it diet, exercise, mental health, hormones and being gentle with yourself throughout the many changes you’re experiencing, is key to maintaining a healthy and vital sex life from menopause onwards. Yes, even into your twilight years.



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