The Importance of Eye Health with Lisa Goucher

The Importance of Eye Health with Lisa Goucher

Originally posted on Lisa Goucher with permission.

I really did not think about eye health until it presented an issue as a young adult.  I had perfect vision until I entered the workforce and started using a computer for hours and hours each day.  It took only a year for my vision to begin to deteriorate at the age of 18. I started wearing glasses occasionally to wearing contacts or glasses all the time. I had Lasik surgery at the age of 36 when my son was 6 months old.  I will never forget how amazing it was to drive myself to my doctor’s appointment the following day without glasses or contacts! I was smiling the whole way! My vision remained perfect 13 years.  Around my 50th birthday, it began to change. I am in need of readers now and my eye and vision health is important to me.  I want to do everything I can to prevent worsening vision, including reducing the progression of cataracts. I found a solution!

Lisa Goucher

I am taking Vision Rx20 for eye health because it is the perfect combination of nutrients to support vision and eye health! This supplement is made by Life Sprout Bioceuticals™. This company was created by a leading team of scientists and health experts, who source only the safest, natural and effective ingredients in their purest form, to provide customers with natural alternatives to keep their bodies happy, healthy, and most importantly functioning optimally with vitality. Their products are backed by extensive research, are 100% organic, non-GMO and never tested on animals. Life Sprout is committed to providing the safest, most effective health solutions without side effects.  They have a passion for natural health and believe in taking a smart and educated approach to the protection of our well-being for years to come.

I am so happy to find a natural product for eye and vision health!


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