Welcome to Dr. Marian Carcillier, our new health expert

Welcome to Dr. Marian Carcillier, our new health expert

Do you feel tired for no reason? Does your body ache all over? Are you looking for safer alternatives to prescription drugs? Would you like some tips on using the latest cutting edge research to improve your health?

As Marian starts her role at Life Sprout, she aims to address issues that may be affecting your daily life, explore new approaches for common health concerns and arm consumers with accurate and cutting-edge nutritional and medical information.

Marian holds degrees in molecular biology, nutritional medicine and Functional Medicine. She practices Integrative Care with an in-depth, holistic approach that takes into account the root causes of an individual’s disease, may it be stress, genetics, diet or environmental and the development of personalized treatment protocols based on an individual’s health goals and unique biochemistry.

When she’s not helping patients reclaim their health and vitality, she’s taking nature walks with her Goldendoodle, baby Panda-sitting, bird watching, or trying to read a good book while her jealous cat demands constant attention.

She’s currently co-running a free rural clinic in Southeast Asia.

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