New Product Launch: O-Mega

New Product Launch: O-Mega

If you don’t eat fish on a regular basis, or if you’ve been experiencing unexplained mood swings, lackluster hair and nails, as well as trouble sleeping and focusing, it may be time to look into boosting your levels of Omega-3 fatty acids. This vital nutrient not only helps improve your appearance, but it works internally to regulate your moods and emotions, supports healthy joints, and repairs retina cells in the eye to reduce age-related macular degeneration. Even if you eat fish regularly, studies have shown that reserves of Omega-3s diminish with age.

We, at Life Sprout Bioceuticals™, are proud to announce the latest product added to our family of supplements, O-Mega. Each bottle of O-Mega comprises 60 capsules of organic EPA/DHA Enteric Omega-3 fatty acids. Supplementation of fish oil is especially important in older Americans, who traditionally have a lower dietary intake of fish and seafood sources rich in EPA and DHA, in order to maintain biological functions during aging.

This powerful supplement of EPA/DHA Enteric Omega-3 fatty acids helps to promote healthy aging; helping with daily brain functions, eye health, supporting healthy joints and promoting better skin and stronger hair and nails.

O-Mega, like all Life Sprout Bioceuticals™ products, is manufactured in the US, where quality control and production standards are high, thereby ensuring maximum safety, quality and effectiveness. Try O-Mega today, risk-free and keep your eyes, joints and mind healthy and “young at heart” for years to come!


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