Seaweed and Its Anti-Aging Properties

Seaweed and Its Anti-Aging Properties

The surprising benefits of this macroalgae…

Oceans are infinitely mysterious and beautiful but, beyond this, they are the source of so many good-for-us elements. One of the ocean’s greatest life-giving elements is seaweed, also known as, macroalgae. This omnipotent organism not only provides nutrients and sustenance to marine life but it has also been shown to be a valuable ally to us humans and our fight against the ravages of time. Here are a few of the ways we can integrate seaweed into our lives to keep us living longer, healthier and help us maintain an appearance that belies our age.  


As we age, many of us start to have tummy trouble. Whether it be IBS, bloating or chronic stomach pain, living with stomach issues can go from inconvenient and embarrassing to downright debilitating.

Edible seaweed is chock full of macro and micronutrients which have been shown to be good for the gut. They “are a rich and sustainable source” of gut-happy nutrients, particularly dietary fiber.[1] The study of gut microbes has demonstrated that a healthy gut is a diversified gut.[2] Macro and micronutrients help provide varied and diverse microbes to keep the gut functioning at optimal levels.


It’s no surprise that getting older and packing on the pounds often go hand in hand. As we age, we tend to become more sedentary, we hold on to excess weight more easily and our metabolism slows down as each day goes by.

The good news is that marine algae, and more specifically seaweed, has been shown to contain agents considered to have anti-obesity effects. Seaweed aids in regulating digestion.[3]

Several studies have shown that ingesting an alginate (brown seaweed) drink provides a feeling of satiety and reduces feelings of hunger.[4]


As our clock ticks towards middle-age-hood and beyond, it’s easy and often inevitable that our blood sugar levels get out of whack. Seaweed has been found to help lower blood sugar levels which ultimately contributes to a healthy body weight, better cardiovascular health and can help keep diabetes at bay.

Seaweed’s high antioxidant properties result in effectively diminishing oxidative stress which “may be effective in lowering blood lipids and improving antioxidant enzyme activities”.[5]


Nothing can be more telling of a person’s age than his or her skin. Seaweed has natural bioactive compounds which have been proven to be one of skincare’s greatest allies.

With time, our skin is exposed to a smorgasbord of environmental stressors – mainly pollution and UV. This exposure results in an increased production of ROS (reactive oxygen species) which leads to such skin issues as premature aging. Seaweed’s properties allow it to survive and even thrive against its marine stressors. Its active components offer skin-protective, antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Therefore, seaweed’s inclusion as an active ingredient in skincare products and cosmetics, is highly beneficial.[6]

As we have seen, seaweed is one of the ocean’s greatest resources whose properties are multi-faceted. We are fortunate to be able reap its incredible benefits.










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