St. John’s Wort – Natural Mood Booster

St. John’s Wort – Natural Mood Booster

St. John’s Wort is one of the most widely purchased natural products in the US, and rightfully so, as it has many important health benefits. The flowers from the Hypericum Perforatum plant, from which St. John’s Wort is derived, are harvested and either dried for tea or capsules or pressed to make oils or extracts.

It has been known to be very effective at naturally helping to alleviate low mood, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which is commonly experienced during winter months, sleep issues, anxiety and it aids in increasing chemical responses in the brain.

It has fewer side effects than commonly prescribed antidepressants, but you should always consult a physician to make sure that taking St. John’s Wort is right for you.

Our own Cerebra+ contains St. John’s Wort, along with other vital natural herbs and extracts which help to positively boost mood, reduce brain fog and stall cognitive decline.


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