Health Topics

  • Cellular Longevity Is Where It's At

    Both the pharmaceutical and natural product industries have tackled the aging dilemma with temporary fixes and surface solutions, developing supplements that do little to combat aging. While some products may appear to provide improvement in reducing Inflammation, reducing joint and muscle pain, boosting immune system and energy levels, their effectiveness is short-lasting and, in many cases, non-existent. Often, their supplements are chock-full of fillers, ingredients that may not be detrimental to your health but serve no valid function. View Post
  • Types of hearing loss

    Conductive hearing loss (CHL) results in a decrease in the transmission of sound from the outside world to the cochlea. The causes of CHL include abnormal formation of the external ears called the auricle or helix, impaction of cerumen (ear wax) in the ear canal, fluid collections in the middle ear, or dysfunction of middle ear bones that are inflexible usually due to scarring or fibrosis. View Post