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Chad Brey

  • Inflammation: Where Does It Come From and How to Fight It

    From acute to chronic inflammation, millions of people worldwide have known the discomforts of this physiological response. But where does inflammation come from and how can we stop it? View Post
  • Natural & Artificial Sweeteners

    For every new sweetener that gets discovered, there seems to be a wave of skeptics that question safety and other concerns. Here, we will explore a number of popular natural and artificial sweeteners with an in depth look at how they work and what types of health concerns are involved. View Post
  • Mood: Questions & Solutions

    Time and time again we’ve seen those infomercials about the new up-and-coming miracle mood-enhancing supplement or drug only to discover that it either doesn’t work or has a mile-long list of side effects. View Post
  • Vitamin D: Not Just the Sunshine Vitamin Anymore

    The ever-so-popular “Sunshine Vitamin” (vitamin D) has been known for many years to be the bone vitamin that people sometimes lack when they don’t get enough of the sun’s UV rays. View Post
  • Minerals... Chelation & Bioavailability

    Originally published on Health & Nature News Myriads of people all over the world supplement their diets with macro and trace minerals. When our diet is lacking in these important nutrients, health issues ensue, and it becomes a very good idea to consume a non-food mineral source. There’s on... View Post
  • Blood Pressure: What Causes it and New Technologies

    Originally published on Health & Nature News Hypertension (aka “The Silent Killer”) is so named because it doesn’t give us any signs or symptoms to throw a red flag in front of us to tell us that something is wrong with our circulatory system. It is estimated that about one out of every four... View Post
  • Natural Supplements To Boost Cognitive Performance

    Originally published on Health & Nature News Almost all creatures have an amazingly constructed chunk of tissue embedded within their skull that acts as the control center to their entire bodies. With billions of neurons making thousands and thousands of neural connections per second all th... View Post
  • Inflammation: Where does it come from and how to fight it

    Originally published on Health & Nature News Regardless of how old you are, how big or small you happen to be, or what your daily routine looks like, we have ALL experienced the pain of inflammation at one time or another. From acute to chronic inflammation, millions of people worldwide have... View Post