The Microbiotic Revolution: Unveiling the Power of Probiotics with Dr. Joel Friedman

The Microbiotic Revolution: Unveiling the Power of Probiotics with Dr. Joel Friedman

In the realm of health and wellness, probiotics have emerged as a game-changer, revolutionizing our understanding of the human body. To delve deeper into this phenomenon, we sat down with Dr. Joel Friedman, a leading expert in gut health and a member of Life Sprout’s Board of Experts.



Interview and exclusive revelations by Dr. Joel Friedman, Head of Life Sprout’s Board of Experts.

Dr. Joel Friedman, a distinguished professor at New York’s prestigious Albert Einstein College of Medicine, is a firm believer in the power of probiotics. He predicts that within the next decade, we will be treating a multitude of health issues through the microbiota. 


Dr. Joel Friedman, not a day goes by without the media reporting new discoveries about the benefits of probiotics. Some leading researchers believe that probiotics are the biggest discovery since penicillin. Why is it such a phenomenon?

We are still in the learning phase when it comes to probiotics. What is becoming very clear is that the microorganisms populating the gut play an enormous roll in controlling health and not just gut health but even mental health. We are basically in a partnership with these microorganism. We feed them and they help break down food, modify oral drugs and maintain the integrity of the gut. There is a direct link between the gut and the nervous system including the brain that is mediated by the microorganisms in the gut. When there is an imbalance due to too many, too few, or wrong type of organisms, we suffer consequences. Aside from routine GI upsets (gas, diarrhea, constipation), an imbalance can result in what is termed a leaky gut allowing the passing of toxins into the circulation. Toxins accessing the circulation trigger systemic inflammation the consequence of which can include arthritic joint pain and brain fog. Ongoing untreated systemic inflammation undermines vascular health setting the stage for cardiovascular disease, renal and cognitive decline. Probiotic supplementation has the potential to prevent and reverse a major initial trigger for systemic inflammation and its clinical consequences.

For him, there’s no doubt:

“In ten years’ time, we’ll be treating almost everything through the microbiota” 


Tell us more about probiotics. They’re said to have extraordinary powers, but this seems almost too good to be true. What’s your view about probiotics?

There is data that clearly show that supplementation with probiotics can have an impact on gut health. Most dramatic are results showing a positive effect on ulcerative colitis and treatment of certain serious gut infection (e.g. C. dif. and Salmonella). Overall, there is no doubt that maintaining an appropriate population of the “right” microorganisms using probiotic supplementation is an easy to deploy strategy to promote gut health and to avoid all the consequences of a dysfunctional gut.


However, probiotics appear to be victims of their own commercial success. Today, all types can be found online and in pharmacies. And the quality isn’t always there. What can you advise for our readers who want to enjoy the benefits of probiotics without getting the wrong one?


“I don’t know which brand you bought but you can probably dump it! Most probiotics sit on shelves so long, the good bacteria are dead in the bottle, inactive and completely useless.”



The Probiotic Solution: Pro-Biota 6

Life Sprout Bioceuticals has just developed a new probiotic formulation so effective that it’s creating a real buzz in scientific circles. Can you tell us more?

The Life Sprout formulation has one of the best balanced mixes of probiotic organisms that target key elements of gut health inclu- ding: promoting the elimination of pathogenic organisms, reducing inflammation, preventing GI upset as well as leaky gut syndrome. The formulation also contains XOS and FOS, which are prebiotics - a food source for the “good” bacteria. XOS and FOS promote the growth of beneficial organisms at the expense of pathogenic organisms.

It’s also important to note that probiotics need a regulated temperature to survive, so as soon as you receive your bottle, please refrigerate to maintain that active formula you need!



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An anonymous source working for one of the Worlds largest pharmaceutical companies told us: “If people start taking probiotics, they’ll understand how products like Pro-Biota 6 can change their lives by getting rid of their intestinal problems and other health issues. If this happens, the bosses of pharmaceutical companies may have to kiss goodbye to their billions of dollars in profits!” Do you believe Pharmaceuticals should be nervous?

It’s simple, if people prevent, pharmaceutical drugs won’t have to treat. If you do the math, the answer’s obvious.


Do you believe it’s important for our readers to become more aware of the relationship between their gut and their overall health?

Yes, absolutely, it is AS IMPORTANT as understanding the relationship between diet and diabetes or cardiovascular disease.


Should everyone take probiotics or is it something only unhealthy people over a certain age need?

Gut health is central to all aspects of healthy aging and ensuring a healthy population of microorganisms is a vi- tal aspect of that strategy. Routine use of the right probio- tic formulation makes sense. It is an safe easy to deploy investment in health even at an early age. It easier to prevent disease than reverse disease. Ensuring gut health is a significant part of that a game plan for minimizing the chances of many diseases and disabilities.


Dr. Joel


If, for some reason, you feel Life Sprout Bioceuticals has not kept to these guarantees, you will be fully reimbursed for your program (minus postage), no questions asked!

1. You’ll feel better than ever! When your gut flora is rebalanced, your digestive problems automatically disappear. So you feel great, physically and mentally, and enjoy every moment of your life again!

2. Probiotics work! Thousands of studies have been published in the last 15 years: probiotics are effective. And risk-free!

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6. You don’t risk a single penny! If for some reason you’re not 100% satisfied,
simply return the empty pack(s) within 900 days and we’ll refund you in full (minus s&h), no questions asked. 

Thank you,

Dr. Joel Friedman


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