Welcome to David Sautter, our new health expert

Welcome to David Sautter, our new health expert

We would like to welcome David Sautter, NASM CPT, FNS, as the newest member of our panel of health expert. 

David Sautter is a NASM certified personal trainer and a NASM certified fitness nutrition specialist who has worked in the fitness industry for over 12 years.

Experience in the Field

During his time in the fitness industry, David Sautter has conducted many fitness workshops, trained hundreds of clients, and has written extensively for a variety of companies. He has been a featured fitness writer on many high-profile health and fitness websites. Aside from producing weekly articles, David has been the writer of several e-books and training guides.

Highlights of Qualifications:

David graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Secondary Education. He has been certified as a personal trainer for over 12 years and he is also certified as a fitness nutrition specialist. As a personal trainer, his specializations include weight loss nutrition and periodization program development.

David has been as dedicated to bodybuilding as he has been to writing. He has a vast knowledge on the topics of exercise science, human bio-mechanics, motivational techniques, supplements for specific goals, and body hacking for performance and weight loss.

What Can He Help You With?

With David’s expertise, he will be able to assist you with a variety of fitness-related topics including workout programs, nutritional recommendations, weight loss, muscle building, and supplement recommendations.

What’s more, David can provide information for special populations such as the elderly or those with previous injuries or surgeries. For example, David can make recommendations for weight loss and muscle building for those readers who are 50 or older.

Hobbies and Extras

Outside of his love for fitness, David is a full-time traveler who has been to 14 countries and counting. Even while he is traveling, David stays fit by exercising in local parks and neighborhood gyms. He is keen to seek out healthy options no matter which country he is living in or traveling in.

While traveling, David tends to seek out the more rugged activities such as hiking and camping. He loves to zip line and eat local cuisine after a long day of trekking.

David has written two novels, which he is currently editing. He is an enthusiastic reader, which helps when doing fitness-related research.

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